XLV is an exclusive private label created by the eldest member of the fifth generation of the Vuitton Dynasty, Xavier-Louis Vuitton. Xavier-Louis was born in a Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1949. When his father, Jacques-Louis, died in 1963, Xavier-Louis was only fourteen years old. Since then, he was under the care of his grandfather, Gaston-Louis Vuitton. His grandfather was a well-known wine connoisseur who enjoyed outstanding vintages from the best vineyards. He used to take Xavier-Louis with him every year when he visited the most famous Chateaux to purchase his own wine in “En Primeur”. That’s when Xavier-Louis’ passion for wine began.

With his life-long passion in wine and in memory of his beloved grandfather, Xavier-Louis bought a wine estate near the village of Apt in southern France. Together with his son, Quentin-Louis, as the wine maker of the winery, Xavier-Louis was making his dream into a reality. Hence, a brand that upholds the Vuitton family tradition of “Innovation, Creativity and Excellence” was born – XLV by Xavier-Louis Vuitton.